Estate and Trust Resolution and Litigation

Kalamazoo Attorney / Lawyer

On occasion, as a beneficiary of an Estate or Trust, concerns can arise during the Probate or Trust Administration process that require a closer look and in-depth questions to be asked. These questions oftentimes are related to the management of assets and funds by the Personal Representative or Trustee, the proposed distributions to the beneficiaries, or simply questioning the validity and accuracy of the Estate Plan documents themselves.

On the other hand, if you are the Personal Representative of an Estate or Trustee of a Trust, sometimes an unruly family member or acquaintance of the deceased may attempt to improperly lay claim to assets, challenge validly executed Estate Plan documents or make false accusations as to your management of the assets.

At the Law Office of Benjamin J. Herbert, it is our belief that the best way we can serve our Clients is by addressing the Client’s concerns, looking at the situation objectively, and providing an honest and realistic assessment of the situation. This approach requires an Attorney that specifically focuses on Elder Law and Estate/Trust Administration issues, such as our office. It is our preference that if the situation lends itself to discussion and possible resolution with the opposing side, we will look to dissuade court action and work with the opposing side to reach an amicable solution, saving all sides unnecessary time, expenses and attorneys’ fees. If the situation requires court action, we will look to advise you on your best options and strategies, do our research of the situation and pertaining law, and vigorously prepare for litigation.