Medicaid, Asset Preservation, and Nursing Home Planning

Kalamazoo Attorney / Lawyer

As family members age, questions may begin to arise regarding their medical and daily care as well as who will provide such care and how will the care be paid for. Decisions such as obtaining in-home care for the family member or moving them to an assisted living or nursing home facility will need to be made. In addition, preserving assets for the spouse to live on and maintain the family home are vitally important issues that need to be addressed. Oftentimes the spouse and/or children are the ones left to answer these questions but with limited experience and unsure of the first steps to take.

At the Law Office of Benjamin J. Herbert, we understand that caring for your elderly loved ones will be a difficult time for you and making decisions regarding their care will be challenging. Our goal is to use our experience and knowledge to assist you in making decisions regarding care and asset preservation, whether it be determining what type of care makes sense, applying for Medicaid coverage, or simply ensuring that the Estate Plan documents are up-to-date. We will look to assist you in areas as needed, cut through the red tape, properly and expertly counsel you on your options, and reduce your stress. Our initial meeting is designed to allow for you to ask questions and to get to know us before you make the decision to hire.